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Field erection tank video

Rabu, Oktober 05, 2011

Based on API 650 Para 8.6 Vacuum Testing.

8.6.1. Vacuum testing is performed using a testing box approximately 150mm (6in) wide by 750mm (30in) ling with a clear window in the top, which provided proper visibility to view the area under inspection. During testing, illumination shall be adequate for proper evaluation and interpretation of the test. The open bottom shall be sealed against the tank surface by a suitable gasket. Connection, valves, lighting and gauges as required, shall be provided. A soap film solution or commercial leak detection solution applicable to the condition shall be used.
8.6.3 A partial vacuum of 21 Kpa (3lbf/in², 6 in Hg) to 35 Kpa (8 Lbf/in², 10 in Hg) gauge shall be used for the test. If specified by the purchaser, a second partial vacuum test of 56 Kpa (8 lbf/in, 2/16 in.Hg) to 70 Kpa (10 lbf/in, 2/20 in.Hg) shall be performed for the detection of very small leaks.
8.6.5 The vacuum box test shall have at least 50mm (2 in) overlap of previously viewed surface on each application.
8.6.8. The vacuum shall be maintained for the greater of either at least 5 second or the time required viewing the area under test.

8.6.9. The presence of a through thickness leak indicated by continuous formation or growth of a bubble of foam, produced by air passing through the thickness, is unacceptable. The presence of a large opening leak, indicated by a quick bursting bubble or spitting response at the initial setting of the vacuum box is unacceptable. Leaks shall be repaired and retested.

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Tank Installation 1


Tank Installation 2


Tank installation 3

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